These web pages present in map form the results from major systematic bird surveys carried out over a period of nearly 50 years.

The most recent data was acquired as part of the 2007-2011 national survey, which also offered the opportunity to gather more comprehensive data at an appropriate local scale. The Glamorgan Bird Club encouraged participation in that survey in order to advance our knowledge of the local birdlife, with benefits for conservation, scientific and recreational purposes. As part of that objective, the Club initiated a project to publish the results and provided the finance to do so.

Modern digital technology offers more immediate and flexible ways of publishing such information than traditional print and has been adopted here as a freely available and attractive form of presentation. By including the results from all five major surveys from 1968 onwards a historical pattern can be readily seen, highlighting the significant changes, both losses and gains, that have taken place in that time alongside a more stable picture for some species.

Although a few Glamorgan Bird Club members have taken part in all these major surveys, the data has been provided by hundreds of individuals, unfortunately too many to mention individually. Whether just records of their back garden visitors or from hours spent tramping the hills, all are gratefully acknowledged for contributing to what you see here today. It is hoped that future surveys will get a similar response when the time comes.

Project team: Dan Jenkins-Jones, Wayne Morris, Rob Nottage and Alan Rosney with Dave Slade (SEWBReC) as data manager.

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